Process Page

Process Page

Welcome to the process page for CoMotion 2022! As you scroll through this page you’ll find information showcasing the creation process for all deliverables made by the CoMotion branding team. We are proud of all the hard work and determination that went into this event. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at CoMotion 2022! -CoMotion 2022 Documentary Team

CoMotion 2022 Edited Symposium

Editors: Kagan Marks, Scott Sandifer

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Title Sequence

We centered our design around the idea of 2.5 dimensional space. This design language embodies the essence of motion graphics through its fluid and flexible nature. Within this boundless space, we were able to reflect upon our innovative and experimental field that keeps pushing us to evolve. Join us to embrace and celebrate the limitless possibilities of what we can achieve with motion media.

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